Grace to Run Your Race

The heart of this blog and the ministry resources provided on ChristianFreedom.Life is to help give people everywhere the grace to run their race. The Lord’s beautiful grace is freely given to all who will receive it. My prayer is that this poem will draw you closer into the serenity that comes with accepting His grace.


There is freedom
There is grace
Why do you give it up to chase?
What are we chasing?
Do we even know?
Why are we chasing
when true life happens in the slow?
What are we missing
as we’re rushing along?
Are we missing what’s been in front of us all along?
Are we chasing joy and fulfillment
always just out of our grasp?
What if we stopped to clasp
what is right where we are?
What if it’s not in the big but the small?
And we’re missing it all!
Are we losing our life as we rush right through it?
Are we losing the moment as we try to pursue it?
Are we trying to be who we think we should be
but we’re bound up and not free?
Lord, are we hiding our flaws
not giving you all?
What will we do with this gift we’ve been given?
Will we miss it because we are all so driven?
Rushing, rushing to succeed
Measure up to those who we just can’t please
The one hardest to please, ME, but too blind to see
Blinded by Fear
Ruled by Doubt
Forgetting Who we can’t live without
But you are not blinded
And you have no doubt
Your voice comes in a whisper, not a shout
You see us in our prisons of doubt and fear
And you in your grace say, do not fear, draw near
But do we hear?


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