Please join me in welcoming my dear friend, faithful mentor and president of Christians United Ministries, Jan Hicks. Jan has truly been a pioneer towards the cause of helping people walk in the freedom God designed for them to enjoy. Her ministry is dedicated to the pursuit of inner healing and I pray that you are blessed and divinely inspired by the word God has given her to share with all of us.

Jan is also an international speaker, teacher, author and Christian Counselor. She welcomes you to connect with her through the official Christians United Ministries website,, or through her official ministry Facebook page.

I encourage you to press in and read on to receive the blessing of the following blog post on the magnitude of our value in Christ – you are NOT one in a million!


Guest Post by Jan Hicks

Are you valuable? What if I said you are NOT one in a million….but instead you are one in 500 Million!  Wow, that’s right.  On the day you were conceived, 50 to 500 million “cells” were released heading towards one egg to create YOU!  Can you imagine? Let’s put that in a different perspective. The combined population of the USA, Canada and Mexico in 2015 was 484 million.  Can you see yourself as “one” person standing in the midst of 484 million others? Can you imagine God looking down saying, “you are the one”.  YOU….!

Identity Theft

That is a foreign statement to most of us and beyond our imagination. You see, the enemy of our soul wants us to feel unimportant, just another face, a nobody, the black sheep of the family, no good, the mess up.  If the enemy can steal our identity, then we easily accept rejection, depression, loneliness, fear, abuse, disease and turmoil as ‘normal’ in our lives.  We lose our Peace and Joy because we reject ourselves.

Loved & Chosen

God does not want us to figure this out; HE wants us to accept it as fact that we are valued and valuable.

Jesus wants to remind us so we can remind ourselves daily – “I am not rejected.”  That no matter what life looks like, feels like, acts like, the fact is, you were chosen and loved from the moment of conception and beyond.

Today is a great day to tell that Unloving Spirit, the FALSE Identity that you have accepted, to get up and get out of your mind, body, spirit and soul. It’s time to say, “God I repent for believing the lie. Help me receive the truth of who YOU created me to be.”


Pray this prayer out loud:

Father I may not feel like it, but I break the lie and today I accept the truth that I am valuable,  I am loved, lovely and lovable. You created me to succeed.  I cancel satans power to use this false identity against me.  I break satan’s assignments against my life.  I repent for not trusting you Lord.  Teach me how to do that Lord and how to love myself so that I can love others and accept your love Jesus.  Holy Spirit, I give you permission to heal my heart and release my true identity into me.  Lord speak your truth to me….who am I?  (now wait a moment and make note of the first thing that comes to your mind….)

I bless you today and always in the name of Jesus Christ – the living, loving Savior.

Scripture for Meditation

…‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

~ Mark 12:31

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