Please join me in welcoming friend and ministry leader Abby Fields as she unpacks the TRUTH about a popular scripture: Philippians 4:13.

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

She shares her honest day-to-day process of living out the gospel and uses this scripture to offer the power to live life well.

Abby and her husband Jeremy lead Frontline Ministries in Baldwin County. They have dedicated their lives to working alongside area churches reaching, training and sending people out onto the frontlines. If you have been to the beach, odds are you have run into them or one of their leaders sharing the gospel.

Abby and Jeremy live in Foley with their four children. They are excitedly awaiting a new addition to the Fields family coming this August – a baby girl! You can connect with Abby and Jeremy on the official Frontline Ministries Facebook page or on their website at:


Guest Post by Abby Fields

Can we just be honest and vulnerable for a moment? Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up and your first thought is “how am I going to get through this day?” I’ll be honest and raise my hand. I have and I still do.

I am in such a joyful, yet physically exhausting season of life. I don’t say this in anyway as a complaint. I am blessed beyond words and I am so very, very, very thankful for my family. I have an 11 year old daughter, a 5 year old, a 20 month old, a year old son and am 33 weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter.

Shortly after my youngest son was born it seemed everywhere I went people would tell me “wow, your hands are full.” The first couple months of Brantley’s life I would just think “it’s really not that difficult. I don’t feel like my hands are that full.” However, as Brantley is getting older and more active, I now understand what they mean. Today when someone tells me “wow, your hands are full.” I just smirk and agree.

Yes, many days I do feel my hands are full and this wasn’t always the case. I sometimes have to fight to find the joy in changing eight diapers by noon with half of them being messy (I have learned that my babies have very good, working digestive systems.) I sometimes have to fight to find the joy in bending over for the 20th time by noon to pick up the same toy that keeps getting left in the middle of the floor. I sometimes have to fight to find the joy in simply staying at home watching a five-year-old and two babies entertain themselves because I simply don’t have the physical energy to go anywhere.

But in the fight, I remind myself these are the good days. These are the days I know I will look back and miss. These are the days when my kids are innocent and don’t have worries. These are their “care free” days. These are the days they rely on me for their survival. These days simply won’t last long and therefore, what I choose to do with these days and the attitude I choose to have in these days is vital. It is of upmost importance.

My attitude determines their attitude. I set the atmosphere for holiness or I set it for worldliness. I get an opportunity to live out the gospel when I don’t necessarily feel like it.

One of the most known and most used scriptures is Philippians 4:13 where Paul states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We see it used for just about anything because it is a general phrase that encourages a believer but I would like to talk about the context in which Paul makes this statement.

Paul has been through the ringer. He is someone who suffered beyond comprehension for the gospel. He never backed down or showed fear and was a true example of a fighter. Before making the statement about being able to “do all things through Christ who strengthens him,” he is talking about his life experiences. He says that he knows what is is like to live in need and he also knows what it is like to have plenty.

You see, Philippians 4:13 is referring to a state of your heart and mind more so than the state of your physical capabilities. When Paul makes this statement, he is referring to learning to be content no matter what your circumstances in life are.

Finding contentment is a struggle for many people. In fact, not being content is the reason many turn to drugs, alcohol, pornography, adultery and many other sinful actions. The enemy knows that in our flesh we will always have a desire for more. He knows that if we don’t feel satisfied, we will keep filling ourselves with temporary pleasures to meet a temporary need thus causing a continual desire for things of the world rather than things of God.

We must consciously learn to crucify our flesh in order to feed our Spirit. We must learn to find contentment in the things God places before us rather than wishing our lives looked different.

We must learn to find contentment in simply being who God created us to be rather than comparing ourselves to others. We must learn to find contentment in Christ rather than our material possessions. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is a very general phrase that is referring to controlling one of the most difficult parts of our body to control, our mind.

Contentment is a state of mind which will effect the state of our heart, not the state of our circumstances. Today, I want to encourage you to find joy and contentment in the Word of God and in who God created you to be.

Life will get messy. Life will bring heart ache. Life will bring tragedy. Life will bring challenges. And in it all, we can rest in Christ knowing that He never promised us anything different. But He did promise to be with us in it all. God is with you and God desires to see you through anything you face in life. But you have to lean, rely and depend on Him to get you through. You can’t ignore Him when life brings challenges.

It’s in these times, He desires you to lean on Him and trust Him through it all. Regardless of circumstances, God is faithful. And regardless of circumstances, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! 

Scripture for Meditation

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

~ Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

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