The Testimony of My Own Personal Battle

Most every believer will admit to having struggled with fear and anxiety at some point in their faith journey. I recently had the honor of speaking on this very topic on Moving Forward, a show hosted by Chantell Cooley Ministries. Moving Forward is dedicated to offering practical, Biblical wisdom to help propel believers forward towards the plans God has for them.

In this episode I share my experiences from a few years ago when the Lord began to reveal the stronghold of fear in my life. Motherhood was the thing that defined success for me and my biggest fear was failing at motherhood. When one of my children began to struggle, I came to a very broken place – yet, it was, in fact, my greatest moment of victory.

I had really bought into the self-help, man-made society we live in. I read books, I talked to people and even sought advice from the church but really hadn’t surrendered my fear and anxiety to the Lord.

I began to discover that self is basically like a pot of coffee. It's a resource that gets depleted over time and I ran out of steam. Along the way, I became emotionally bankrupt, physically bankrupt and spiritually bankrupt.Click To Tweet

How do you get to the place where you realize that you have to depend on something greater than “self?”

I invite you to watch this video. My prayer is that this testimony of my own personal battle with fear and anxiety helps lead you into the freedom the Lord desires for all of His children.

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